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Direct injection engines get dirty intake valves. Instead of injectors spraying fuel (and cleaner) at intake valves, the fuel (and cleaner) is injected directly into the combustion chamber. There's nothing to clean the sticky tar-like carbon buildup off the intake valves and ports. The buildup just grows and grows in thickness until it blocks off flow into the engine. The engine starts running badly and will only run better after the intake is removed and the valves and ports are cleaned.

Intake ports before cleaning

Intake ports after cleaning

Save money on labor overlap. 2.0L direct injection engines have dynamic intake manifolds with "tumble flaps" to tune the engine to different rpms in operation. The tumble flap servo, servo linkage, and the tumble flap feedback sensors can go bad. These parts are not available as spare parts from VW. The entire manifold must be purchased to obtain any of these parts. So, if there are codes concerning tumble flap items contained in the manifold, the manifold must be removed and replaced. That's an excellent time to clean the intake ports and valves. Killing two birds with one stone is something we love to do. It saves your money bycombining labor operations that have overlapping tasks.

Intake removed for access

Intake plates before & after cleaning


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