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Timing belts are great. They are quiet in operation and they rarely fail if replaced on schedule. The problems occur when the schedule is ignored. The photos below show 2.0 liter (non-turbo) timing belts. The photo on the left shows a new belt installed with the top cover removed for inspection. The two right photos show pullies and lower covers removed to see a broken belt (stripped teeth). This 2.0L engine has expensive engine damage because the timing belt that keeps the camshaft and crankshaft in time lost it's teeth. This allowed the valves and pistons to collide inside the engine. The cylinder head must be removed for valve and lifter replacement. The engine will not run with bent valves. Please keep in mind that this is not unique to VW/Audi. All car brands have "interference engines" and suffer the same fate if maintenance is not done in time.

New timing belt installed

Broken belt (teeth stripped off)
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Broken belt (teeth stripped off)

Call us today to schedule your timing belt replacement. We keep almost every timing belt set in stock for your convenience. We provide OEM belts, tensioners, idlers, and water pumps. Our water pumps have metal impellers for longevity. All work comes with at least a 12 month, 12k mile warranty on parts and labor.
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Don't wait until it's too late. The financial stakes are high. If you let your belt break, you'll be in for a major repair. The 2.0L engine requires timing belt replacement at 100,000 miles. The turbo 1.8L requires timing belt replacement at 75,000 miles. The turbo 1.8L has 20 valves and lifters, so the turbo head costs double to repair if the timing belt breaks.

For instance, the photo above left shows the result of maintenance done on time.
$704.00 including belt, water pump, and tensioner pulley, including parts, tax, and labor. (1.5 car payments)

The photos above right shows the results of ignored maintenance.
$1,850.00 R&R cylinder head, valves, lifters, machine work, head gasket set, head bolts, timing belt, water pump, tensioner pulley, including parts, tax, and labor. (4.1 car payments)


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