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Repairs are the unexpected items that have to be fixed. Anything that wears out routinely in your car is considered maintenance, other items are repairs. some examples are:

    Window regulators
    Coil packs
    Bent wheels and Alignment
    Head gaskets
    Coolant leaks

Maintenance is a good hedge against repairs, but no guarantee. Repairs can be the result of ignored maintenance, or simply a weak part that wore out or broke. I've seen cars break just from sitting. Fuel pumps gum up after sitting a few months. Batteries die after a couple of months because many of the computers draw power for memory, even if the car is off.

How much do repairs cost? Here are some examples of our most frequent repairs. There are more frequent repairs than these, but the labor may vary so widely from model to model that posting an estimate may be troublesome.

A/C compressor 1994-2011 Jetta, Golf, Cabrio, Eos, SportWagen, 2006-2011 Passat, Passat CC All 4 cylinder transverse engine cars New Sanden OEM compressor, New magnetic clutch pulley, New receiver dryer (if accessible) New expansion valve, and New sealing O-rings at fittings. Package price-
$1,250.00 including freon, parts, tax & labor
Warranty 12mo. or 12kmi. parts & labor
Clutch replacement 1985-2011 4 cylinder & VR6 transverse engine cars New Sachs or Valeo clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing. Crankshaft seal extra charge (if needed). Single mass flywheel kits available at extra charge.  Package price-
$1150.00 indcluding parts, tax, & labor
Warranty 12mo. or 12kmi. parts & labor
Cooling flange 2.0L 1994-2004 Jetta, Golf, Cabrio. New factory brand cooling flange and O-rings

$150.50 including parts, tax, & labor
Warranty 12mo. or 12kmi. parts & labor

Oil pickup screen 2001-2005 Passat and Audi A4 B5 cars, 1.8 turbo New OEM oil pickup screen, O-ring, oilpan sealant $750.00 including parts, tax, & labor
Warranty 12mo. or 12kmi. parts & labor

Looking for the right VW shop? We're a capable shop staffed with VW enthusiasts. We love these cars and we'd love to see yours and look after it for you. We see every kind of trouble there is to see with a VW and we're experienced and prepared to fix your car.

Not everything has to be a surprise with your car.

Our goal is to keep your VW driving like new for as long as you drive it. Having a reasonable budget for your car allows us to do that. Sure, your car may need some repairs along the way to a half-million miles, but when you have the money put aside you don't have to panic over some common repairs on a high-mileage car. Door latches, alternator, fusebox, batteries, fuel pump, window regulators, and suspension bushings are all common repairs a VW driver could expect to need on the way to 500K. We keep most of this stuff in stock so we can turn the repairs quickly. If you do the repairs when needed, the car will stay dependable and drive like new. If you put some money aside before you need the repairs, they won't be such a shock and you won't be stressed out.

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