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How can we service only VW? We know that a specialist shop provides better all-around service. All of our training deals specifically with VWs. Since we specialize we can stock more parts for your car than any old generic shop. We care about Volkswagens and we want the best for your car. In contrast, most automotive shops work on a range of auto brands. Mechanics will have a favorite model of car. If your car is not the favorite model, it may not get the best attention. Yet in a specialist shop your car is always the favorite and the mechanics know your car as well as anyone can.

Avoid the nightmare experience. Nowadays everyone who drives a car seems to be have a tale of sorrow concerning auto repair. I often hear things like, "Oh, we just spent $5,000.00 on a new transmission.", or "The repair shop kept our car for three months to figure out why our engine stalls.", or "We sold the car for a couple hundred bucks because we couldn't afford to fix it.". I feel really bad for people when they tell me these things. But if they aren't driving a VW, I can't help them. I always recommend a specialist mechanic to service their brand of car, but most drivers don't understand how valuable this advice is.
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VW drivers: If you're reading this you most likely spend some time behind the wheel of a Volkswagen. If that's true, you know that nothing drives like a new VW. If an owner bought their car with more than 10 years on it, they might not have a clue how crisp and tight the car should feel.

Our goal is to keep your VW driving like new for as long as you drive it. Many VW owners fall in love with their cars and "bond" with them, similar to a beloved pet or a child. A devoted owner will shed genuine tears when the car is damaged or destroyed and often pay beyond a reasonable amount of money to resurrect a totalled VW. Again, we see the other end of the spectrum. Often I hear from a VW owner that they purchased the car for a ridiculously low price and they refuse to spend any more than that on the car for repairs or even maintenence. That's an artificial limit. It's just not realistic if the owner expects the car to stay dependable. We typically see a well-maintained VW run 400 thousand miles or more before needing an engine overhaul. Sure, your car may need some repairs along the way, but you shouldn't panic over some common repairs on high-mileage cars. Door latches, alternator, fusebox, batteries, fuel pump, window regulators, and suspension bushings are all common repairs a VW driver could expect to need on the way to 400K. We keep most of this stuff in stock so we can turn the repairs quickly. If you do the repairs when needed, the car will be dependable and drive like new. If you put some money away before you need the repairs, they won't be such a shock.

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