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Lexan is a very tough material, but degrades under direct sunlight. Lexan is much more durable than glass for headlight lenses, but it must be maintained to stay clear. If your headlight lenses are not clear, the limited light from your headlight bulb will be scattered, like a frosted household light bulb. The 55 watts of light must be precisely aimed and distributed in order to have headlights that are useful for night driving.

Headlights before service

First stage sanding
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Second stage sanding

Save money - refinish headlights instead of replacing. This is not the same process you buy in a kit at the auto parts store. This is not a wipe-on coating that will turn cloudy or yellow in a month. This is the real deal. We start by masking the paint around the headlight lens to keep the sandpaper from damaging the finish. Then we wet sand the degraded yellow top layer and texture off of the surface of the lens. We continue with progressively finer grit until we finish with 2000 grit. Then we dry the light and clean the surface. Then we spray a special clear coat on that must be cured with a UV light. Once the initial cure is done, we remove the masking material and place the headlights in direct sunlight to perform a longer cure with heat. This job is labor intensive and will cost $85.00 for the pair. That's a bargain compared to $200-$500 per headlight on some cars!

The process shown will only renew the outer surface of the headlight lens. If you have cloudiness or dust/debris inside the light, we can only clean that out by removing the light from the car, disassembling the light, and manually cleaning the interior parts. Removal and disassembly of headlights requires lots more time and is not included in this process.

Final sanding

Clearcoat applied

Job completed!

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Completed headlight lens, ready for night driving. It's important to keep your headlights adjusted properly. If not, your headlights could become useless or worse, they could blind oncoming traffic.

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