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Steel is tough, but if it's not lubricated it will wear out. The hinges and door detents on VWs tend to go dry after a couple of years. If they're not lubricated, they'll start creaking and wear out. These parts are an important part of the body of the car. Once these are worn out, it's a lot of work to replace them. When these start squeaking and screeching, it gives the driver the impression that the car is worn out. It's just a lack of maintenance.

Rusty squeaky hinge

Lubing door detent rollers
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Rollers lubricated

Don't use penetrating oil. Penetrating oil is a light machine oil. Penetrating oil evaporates in a few days and leaves parts unprotected. Some brands leave behind teflon as a dry lubricant, but teflon does not protect against rust. We use motor oil because it has staying power and it wicks into the gaps. Our motor oil has ZDDP additive, so that's another level of lubrication to keep these rollers and hinge pins lubricated. When you bring a vehicle into our shop and we hear a door creaking, we lubricate it. It's part of the service we offer.


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